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Reznov… Oops Mason* Will get his Revenge

After Mason comes to reality with what happened to him, he and agent Woods get ready to find the broadcast station where Dragovitch plans to broadcast the coordinates in which he will unleash the nova chemicals on the world.  As Mason recalls, the broadcast station is on a ship called the Rusalka.  Here, the team must stop the numbers from broadcasting and kill Dragovitch.  Well, they don’t really have to kill Dragovitch, Mason just really wants to.   The team battles their way through the ship and gets to the inner guts and belly of it.  But here, they discover that there is more to the ship than they thought.  There was a passage leading underwater to an old Russian submarine base, this is where the numbers would be broadcasted.

It was pretty cool, we scubbadove down to the entrance of the submarine base and proceeded to enter.  The issue and urgency in this segment of the mission was time.  In a few moments, the US navy was going to blow the base to smithereens.  As we battled our way through the base it gradually started to get more and more destroyed.  There was water leaking everywhere and things were exploding and such; they did a good job of creating a very hostile environment.  We eventually made our way to where the numbers were being broadcasted and I was able to stop them, but right as I did, Dragovitch tried to stop me.  I dragged him down into the water below me and started beating him mercilessly.  Blaming him for all the wrong he had done to me, you know with the brainwashing and all.  Then, as the water rose higher still, I drowned Dragovitch.  The only part I did not like about this mission was the part immediately following the death of Dragovitch.  It was almost like there was a bright flash of light and then all of the sudden Woods and I were underwater observing the submarine station as it was blowing up, swimming to the surface.  There was no real escape from the ship.  Then, as we swam to the surface, we see U.S. battleships and allies and soaring fighter jets above us.  Woods says as the fighter jets fly over us: “We did it Mason.”

Beside the corny ending and the mysterious escape from the submarine base, I thought this was a pretty fun level.  I also thought Black Ops did a good job in making me feel like I needed a sense of urgency.

Must Kill… Must Stop… What Must I do Again?

In one of my more exciting experiences in the Black Ops campaign, I was two places at one time… Literally.  My objective starting the mission, as the main character Mason, was to infiltrate a Russian ship with my good friend Victor Reznov.  Our goal was to find Dr. Stiener (the man who created the NOVA chemical) and kill him.

Reznov and I made our way across the huge ship evading spotlight helicopters and troops that were searching for us.   This part of the mission I really enjoyed because there was an aspect of espionage to it.  We had to attack enemies at just the right time or we would be spotted and EXTREMELY outnumbered.  Also, we had to stay in the shaddows of the crates on the ship.  Eventually we made our way inside and found Steiner.  When we found him, Reznov was quick to get started with “getting his revenge.”  But something strange happened when Steiner looked at Mason.  He said “Vorkuta… You don’t know what we did to you.”  After that, Veznov took control again and screamed “I am Victor Reznov, and I will have my revenge!” and preceded to kill Dr. Steiner.

After this segment of the mission Mason is told that he was brainwashed.   All those missions where Mason thought that Reznov was fighting along his side, were all delusions.  They brainwashed Mason at Vorkuta.  So really in the mission I had just played, Reznov was never with me.  It was me alone, on a mission to kill Steiner.

The interesting part of this mission was that after I was told this information, I got to play the mission from the perspective of another US soldier whose objective was to stop Mason from killing Steiner.  The U.S. Government wanted Steiner alive so that they could question him.

While battling our way to stop Mason, I got to man a tank through the streets of an island town, which was pretty sweet.  Then, an enemy helicopter dropped Nova 6 on the town we were battling through.  Once this happened, my team and I put our gas-masks on so that the Nova could not get to our lungs.  Another part I liked about this segment of the game was how realistic it was.  If I got shot or took damage upon myself, the mask would crack little by little.  So that if i took enough damage my mask would crack and I would die from the Nova 6 chemical.  We are successful in finding Mason, but are too  late to stop him (obviously).  As we are looking through the glass at him he screams “I am Victor Reznov, and I will have my revenge!”

A lot of good was done in this segment of the game.  I found out vital information as to why Mason is so F’d up, I got to play through a well thought out level and accomplish some pretty cool objectives.  Overall, it was a fun level.

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