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For this glog entry, I decided to mix it up a little bit! I know, you are all probably very excited.  I observed my friend FISHstix02 (Forrest) as he played the mission following my frustrating Nova Six mission.  After he was finished, I asked him to explain his experience whilst playing the mission and told him that I would document those feelings here, in my glog! Exciting, right?!

I found, for the most part, that my friend Forrest’s observations were quite accurate.  We also had similar viewpoints on parts of the mission.  For instance,  we both thought that this level was, overall, well done.  There were many aspects that made this mission a very enjoyable and unique one.  For example,  we both thought that it was unique in that there were many phases of the mission.  It was interesting how you made your way from battling your way to the heli-pad, to flying around in the helicopter destroying everything, to landing the helicopter and fighting your way to the end of the level.  Forrest also appreciated how the level did not “take it easy” on you.  For instance, when you were piloting the helicopter, it was quite challenging.  There were other enemy helicopters that you had to take down, as well as ground turrets and soldiers that were trying to take you out.  This part of the level, was especially challenging.  At one point, there are two enemy helicopters you have to face alone.  However, it was fun trying to get the hang of piloting the copter and honing the weapons.

But the fun didn’t stop there.  After you were finished battling in the helicopter, you land it and battle your way into enemy caves, where the man who plans to weaponize the nova chemical: Dragovitch, is supposed to be hiding.  As you fight your way through the caves, with a little help from your partner Woods and other American soldiers, you are successful in finding him.  Dragovitch is the evil man who is trying to weaponize the nova 6 and use it on his enemies, including Washington DC.  During your encounter,  there is an epic fist fight between your character and Dragovitch which tragically ends with both him and Woods dying because  Dragovitch pulls the pin on a grenade while Woods is trying to take control of him.

The wide range of objectives and opportunities help keep the player involved and interested.  Overall, Forrest and I both thought this was a very enjoyable mission.

I Hate Call of Duty

I feel like I find myself saying that way too often while playing this game.  Whether it be during the campaign or online, this game can be very frustrating. And trust me, it’s not frustrating because I am not a skilled fps player… because I am indeed very skilled. This glog may seem like I’m just complaining, but I feel as though my complaints are quite valid.

In my most recent mission, I am on a quest to prevent the infamous nova six chemical from being weaponized.  Although there were some pretty cool aspects of the mission, such as rappelling off a mountain cliff, parachuting off of a crumbling mountain, escaping an avalanche, and of course more sweet slow motion killing scenes, there were also many things about this mission that I did not enjoy.  The one that stood out the most for me was how I have to kill every enemy in order for my squad to move forward in the field of battle.  For instance, there was ONE Russian enemy that remained (after I slayed all the other enemies single-handedly) that was far back in the field of battle.  I was waiting to move forward with my team, but was curious as to why they were still behind cover and shooting every once and a while.  Then I realized as I went backwards that there was one lonely Russian soldier still alive; the only thing holding us back from advancing in the level.  So WHY in the world didn’t my squad members kill him while I was spending time trying to figure out WHY we are not advancing?!?! It’s things like that that really frustrates me.  And of course before that, I am getting lit up by enemies, doing all the work, while my teammates are behind cover shooting only every so often. I feel as though this is a common issue in Call of Duty campaign games.

In conclusion, I think if COD can fix these small problems, it can create great campaign series and make it a more balanced game, since COD (at least now-a-days) is more multiplayer oriented.

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