If you do… You might really enjoy the past couple of Black Ops missions.  Although the players are warned of the violence and gore they are about to experience before they begin the campaign, I still think that some of the violence seen and committed by players is incredibly gruesome; as well as not fit for a lot of children who are probably playing this game.

In my mission I played as Reznov (where I was exploring an abandoned battleship searching for the Nova chemical-  yeah, you remember, that one) there were two events in particular that were extremely violent.  The first was while we were walking to the boat.  Off to the side out of my way was a Russian commander with a group of German soldiers lined up on their knees with their hands on their heads.  One at a time, the Russian commander shot each of the Germans in the face.  Then, when we were in the ship and the gas was released in the chamber next to us, the camera focused on the prisoner’s face being deteriorated as he vomited and died.

In my most recent mission, there were several instances of face to face extreme violence.  For instance, I had to drag a Vietnamese soldier underwater with me and stab him in the throat, as the camera focused on his face as he bleed to death.  Then, we came across two sleeping soldiers and we had to kill them in their sleep by slitting their throats.  Each of these acts were clearly seen by your fps perspective, which made it even more gruesome.

The warning I referred to earlier was quite brief and even vague.  I say this because when playing call of duty, one assumes that there is going to be violence.  However, I don’t think the players could have really assumed the degree of gore and violence that would be portrayed in some of the missions.  So, I’m sure that little kids didn’t want to ask their moms or dads about the warning because they would probably say no and to play the non-violent version of the campaign that is offered, which led them to tell COD that I want to play the campaign the way it was intended to be played.  I am POSITIVE that if mothers saw the violence happening in Black Ops, they would not be happy.  But, at the same time, you have to commend Black Ops for offering to cut out these violent scenes.  Also, you must commend them on including these acts of violence in the game because I’m sure it accurately portrays how terrible and gruesome war actually is.