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Black Ops: Great Job!

My last couple of gaming log entries have been kind of harsh on Black Ops, and it actually deserved it.  But luckily, my most recent mission was very well done.  So I have a lot of good things to say about it this time.  This mission was actually very cinematic.  There were multiple cut scenes where you had no control over your soldier and you just had to watch or listen.  Also, the mission was abstract and the setting was also very unique and just plain cool. And unlike previous levels, it was very extensive.

The whole mission is narrated  by Victor Reznov.  It flashes from a fps perspective of you looking at Reznov in a dimly lit cavern while he tells you the story to you actually playing the mission as a younger Victor Reznov.  It is a bitter cold and snowy setting with a crashed battleship in the distance.  The objective of the mission is to get into that ship because there is a deadly weapon called “Nova 6” that we need to capture in order to keep it out of German and British hands.

We start by trying to find a German doctor who created the Nova chemical. Once we find him by infiltrating a German base, he takes us to the ship where the chemical is located.  On our way to the ship he explains why he created it and how he planned to use it on Washington DC and Moscow.  My favorite part of the level was definitely going through the ship and exploring as we searched for the deadly weapon.  But when we finally come across the weapon, our leader wants to see the effects of it all too soon, and betrays Reznov and the rest of the Russian soldiers by locking them in a chamber and releasing the fatal gas while they are in there.  Luckily, Reznov is able to escape before the gas is released because a British team of soldiers infiltrates the ship also looking for the notorious Nova 6.  When we escape from our chamber Reznov plants explosives on the ship because he thinks that the chemical is too dangerous to be in any nation’s hands.  Once the explosives are armed, we have 2 minutes to escape the ship before it explodes.  On our way out we have to fend off both British and Russian troops because they are all battling to try to get to the Nova.

We escape with time to spare and the ship blows up as we are running away.  Our mission is complete.  I think that after playing this mission Black Ops has proved to me that they can actually have a compelling and interesting campaign level after all.  I hope that  future missions they will be similar to this one.


I feel like Call of Duty adds “epic” slow motion segments into each adventure (sometimes multiple segments in each adventure) to make up for the lack of originality in the mission.  I will go more in depth about the slow motion part later on… but as for originality, this mission was about as original as a Nickelback song.  For those of you who don’t understand what I am trying to say, it was not very original at all.  The setting was unique, as I was trying to escape from a rainy Vietnamese town by jumping from rooftops onto other rooftops or balconies.  The other quality of the mission that was semi-unique was the weapon selection, as I came across two different weapon bunkers throughout the mission where I could choose from a wide range of weapons; anywhere from a Sniper rifle to a shotgun.

As for the overall mission objective, me and my two partners began by interrogating some man who had information valuable to us regarding information on a dangerous chemical “nova 6” that we need to prevent from being released.   While we were interrogating him, we were compromised by multiple waves of soldiers, which we must slaughter as we make our escape out of the town. COOL, RIGHT?!?

But back to my main observation so far in this game: the use of slow motion.  So far, through all the levels I have played, there have been one or more dramatic slow motion segments.  I believe this is COD’s attempt to make up for lack of variety and originality by making the game look COOL and EPIC!!! Although I do find the slow-mo scenes to be pretty cool, I also think it gets kind of corny and played out after a while.  I can recall two slow-mo segments in this most recent mission alone.  One, I was falling down off of a rooftop and I had to take out oncoming enemies with my dual-wield sub machine guns.  The other, a simple door entrance by two enemies.  So as you can see, while the slaying of enemies whilst falling down from a roof might be a little cooler in slow motion, the door being knocked down is not.  Stay tuned for more cool slow motion descriptions from Black Ops!

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